A good start for our recap would be to look at the story posted by me friend and dissect it. So lets start by a meeting place. Dumpster is not a good idea, it smells like shit! Don’t stalk her by the bushes waiting for her to walk by or go out of your way and walk by her door every day. You will eventually meet in passing. If rumors in the town are floating about, about you, you have some issues. Just saying.

Food and Beverages
Please never serve wine from a box or a bottle that is simply labeled Table Wine, some grocery stores have wine rep’s and or experts in store. Ask for help if you don’t know and don’t try to be your own expert unless you are one. Which brings me to the food.  Cook real food not some childish frozen food. If and when you make reservations don’t make them at Denny’s she wont care that you know the 18-year-old pimple faced assistant manager.  Be real and go to a nicer place if you don’t know one look at food reviews or use google places. When teasing with food don’t smack her in the face with a rib like it’s your dick, that is just childish not flirty in any way.

When deciding on movies for you and your date some gay trilogy like Lord of the Rings is probably not a good idea, reach in your pocket and go to a new movie showing of something you both share interest in, well unless you have and old cinema house the has a Bogart or Dean flick running.

So I hope this clears up any miscommunication to those of you who have their mothers dress them. So get suited up, go out and let the good times roll.


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