Under the cover games

The whole series has been building up for this one night. But now how do we score? Well we have just finished eating finger foods, watching a movie, or just finished another exciting date, so the foundation is set. You would fair well by playing partly by her rules. By this I mean if she says lights out then key off the lights. It is probably because she can’t believe she is about to sleep with you and does not want to see your nasty body dripping sweat all over her. Just kidding, maybe it is more romantic for her and sex for a woman is more mental than physical after all, or maybe she is just insecure about her body.

Now you don’t need to lure her into your room after all your couch is just as comfortable is it not. But where-ever you want to set the scene make sure it is clean and inviting. I suggest having the whole place clean — all the time — and neat. Make yourself presentable as well, don’t answer the door dressed as Hugh Hefner with a pipe in your mouth, this is not a television sitcom.

Mood setting can be done in many ways. For me I like to have the fireplace lit, with the lights dimmed low (you need a light dimmer to do this) or shaded if you can’t dim them, the dog outside to play or in another room (it would be creepy to let him watch), and let the room be filled with a nice mellow scent (this can be achieved best with Yankee Candles or some plug-in air fresheners) if nothing else keep it smelling good for you.

Remember put your Nintendo away and have the place set up before she arrives, as stated earlier it is easiest to just keep it this way. Don’t be a slacker. Also it is a good idea to have some finger food set up to snack on and a movie picked out just incase you need to ease into the evening. Well unless you are Don Juan and then why would you be reading this. So just go back though the motions with movies and finger foods and have a great night or go right for the action and play some under the cover games. Her mood and body langauge along with your skill or lack there of will dictate this. If all goes well maybe you will be serving breakfast in bed.

Top 10 things to have in no particular order:
1. Dimming lights
2. Fireplace
3. Comfortable bed
4. Nice furniture
5. Condoms (DUH)
6. Egyptian cotton sheets or Jersey sheets
7. Finger foods
8. Movie
9. Beverages
10. Self-esteem


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