2nd and stealing 3rd

So last we covered you kept your Johnson to yourself as you walked her home. Good job. So what now? You are going on to your fourth date and you have been a hit with her and her friends. So how do we make this fourth date fun? There are a few ways. Try to plan this at your place. If your like me your condo has a great view and a fireplace. So if it is chilly out light that puppy up and get rolling with the program. Pick your destiny

1. Sappy movie (Novice/Intermediate)
— For this I like to look to City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. Why this movie? It is a romantic comedy that starts slow grabs you by the emotions and takes you for a rollercoaster ride. There are key moments in the movie to make your moves. In the start when Cage sits with the girl and escorts her out after she is dead you should move in hold her hand. When Cage and Ryan meet and they start to build the sexual tension make your move and give her a kiss. Then we end with Cage running to Lake Tahoe after he falls and meeting her down by the fire, at this time we can start the heavy petting zoo. If you wait any longer he dies and your date cries. To late for you! This is just an example of a movie that works when played out right. There are many more out there so take your choice, and make your move! 

2. Finger Foods (Pro/God mode)
— Now these can be fun. If things have progressed rapidly this is the best step. Remember Lady and the Tramp. I mean come on this movie proves food is sensual. Try to keep it fun get something that fits you and your date. It could be sweet, sticky or mouth watering juicy! Any way it goes feed each other! Maybe blind folded trying to guess what food she is eating, after you feed her a few bites move in and taste her lips, from her the tension should have been built to a peak and you will be running to second and stealing third in the same breath.

With both of these don’t forget it is always handy to have a glass of wine. Well best of luck and see you guys on the other side. I know this one is short and not in the greatest of detail but, by know You should have moved up your game and understand more to life than Call of Duty, plus I have a hot date to run off with.


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