1st base

Now that dinner was success and went off without a hitch, hopefully. All the ground work is established. Good job on keeping cool and keeping your fly zipped. Time to move on right. You’ve earned it! After dinner you have set up another casual date around the corner and you two have kept in touch with the casual text, phone call, or random conversation while taking out the trash or checking the mail. Now what? Romantic dinner? Movie? Yes and yes.

Set up something nice but within your budget you don’t want to go home broke or have a grand put on your credit card. But you don’t want to look like a cheap ass. Something casual, but that requires reservation. Call ahead and make them in advance and request a romantic table with flowers and candles. It sets a nice romantic vibe. When picking her up play the gentleman and get out of the car and open her door for her every time she is getting in or out, and open the doors at every place you go letting her go first. Chivalry is still alive.

At dinner keep your cool and let her order what she wants but you can make some suggestions for her (if you don’t know the menu you can get these when you call ahead) to help her choose. Order something light you don’t want to be bloated and sluggish because you ordered a 16 ounce loaded steak. Try to ovoid dishes heavy on garlic and onions as well, as you should be fishing for that first kiss by the end of the night. Enjoy the dinner and keep the conversation going (as long as you don’t have a mouth full of food) but don’t make it all about you. Listen to her as well and show interest. Share a desert!

On to the movies. Don’t go for you normal action or thriller movie, but not some girly shit at the same time. Something in the middle. A romantic comedy will do nicely. Sit and watch the movie and try not to get butter hands. Why? Because at this point you would do well to slide your hand over as the movie turns romantic and hold her hand. Look her in the eyes and smile. Enjoy the movie. As the night comes to an end and the movie is over take her home. Don’t forget the doors I know your tired. Walk her to her door and land the kiss goodnight and wish her well. When the door closes don’t start jumping and screaming in joy. Keep it cool and head home for some rest.

Soon you will be snuggling on your couch in front of the fireplace and a movie.


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